Mind Training Myths

"My breathing has to be deep and calm."

Mind Training does not involve changing your breathing purposefully or needing to feel calm and relaxed in order to be successful. For much of your practice, you may not feel particularly calm or relaxed.  You may notice that from time to time your breathing speeds up, can feel shallow or may even feel like it pauses for a time. There is no need to be concerned about any of these changes...simply continue observing your breathing with the same friendliness and open-hearted awareness.

"I can't meditate"

If you have tried "meditation" before and it has not been successful, do not be discouraged...this is different. If you can watch television you can do mind training. Setting too high expectations for ourselves early on in the practice is the most discouraging thing and can derail your practice.  

"I'm not relaxed"

It is not uncommon to have the belief that mindfulness/mind training is about being calm. However, this is not really the objective, although ease and relaxation can occur.