What is Mind Training?

Mind Training is another term for Mindfulness Meditation, Vipassana and Insight Meditation. Mind Training simply means paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally.  It is based in a 2500 year old Buddhist tradition and focuses on development of one of the steps of the eightfold path leading to freedom from suffering.

Certain attitudes form the basis of this practice and are also cultivated and developed while engaging in Mind Training. Some of these attitudes include: curiousity, trust, acceptance/acknowledgment, letting go, compassion, kindness, non-striving and patience. These attitudes are cultivated towards thoughts, feelings, body sensations, moods and so on. 

Why do you call it Mind Training?

The terminology of Mind Training is meant to reach those who may have pre-conceived notions about "meditation". The terminology is also meant to be more specific, as the term meditation can refer to many different practices ie. guided visualizations, repeating mantras, or engaging in specific breathing practices.

I invite you to take some time to learn and begin to understand the theory of Mind Training and put some energy into the practice so that you may experience the results. 


Tell me more...

Many people have tried "meditation" or perhaps heard the term and are uncertain where to begin. There are many types and forms of meditation. There is only one form that has received a considerable amount of study...that is what is taught here...Mind Training.

Mind Training focuses on delivering the type of training that has been scientifically demonstrated to be effective for a whole range of mental health disorders as well as allowing us to experience increased peace, contentment and happiness.

Who can benefit from Mind Training? 

If you are suffering in anyway...it is likley you will benefit from Mind Training. There are some pre-requisites for practice and some exclusions, it is best to consult with a psychologist or trained therapist who can best advise you whether this type of training can be of benefit to you. 

Mindfulness based treatment approaches have been demonstrated in clinical trials to be effective in reducing anxiety, improving the way one copes with chronic pain, and in preventing depressive relapse.  Read more about the SCIENCE.


How do I do it?


Follow the instructions on this free link here 

Listen to the Mind Training practices daily 

Cultivate certain attitudes while you are practicing Mind Training

Make a committment to practice daily (or as much as possible) for 8 weeks minimum

Experiment with different postures

Read about Mind Training and Mindfulness using the Resource List

Learn about the Science behind Mind Training

Attend a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program in your community

Take a Free Online MBSR program https://palousemindfulness.com/




“Watering our capacity to contain, be with and transform places of suffering and darkness if they come to visit us. The deeper the darkness, the brighter the illumination”


- Thanissara