“ I learned a peaceful way to stay in the moment and handle whatever is going on with my mind and body. I learned to be aware and acknowledge what is. I learned the freedom of being nonjudgemental.”

“I learned that I had no control on where my mind went, but learned different techniques to bring it back.”

“I have found that I can focus on my breath and calm my body and mind. The idea of improving mind function in the long term is very encouraging. It is a good relaxation and focus technique for me”.

“What I learned…catching even just one breath is a success.”

“I felt so refreshed afterwards. One time I was deep into meditating and it felt wonderful.” 

“I learned not to push away my emotions but to accept and observe them”. 

“Mind training has changed my life. It has and will continue to be integral to my recovery. I was introduced to it 2 years ago but I didn’t quite get it and became frustrated easily. Amy got me hooked with all the research behind it right in the beginning and having Amy as a facilitator reminded me to be patient, gentle, open and compassionate with myself throughout the practice.”

“My mind was in overdrive and has been for years, ruminate on everything. This training has given me a skill to calm my mind, I can take time out and feel more at peace inside.”

“I learned that I can get myself through difficult emotions, without ignoring them, by just being in the present moment, where I don’t judge nor ignore myself. This way, by focusing on the now, I can ride out the difficult wave rather than crashing (panic attack,etc.)”.

“I learned to stay in the moment. It gets you focussed on the now, rather than thinking about before or after”. “I learned  how to recognize my thoughts, feelings, behaviours, how to stay in the moment, compassion, non-judgemental and pay attention. I will continue mind training at home each morning and throughout the day as needed.”

“Mind Training helps me keep my mind focussed and keeps my mind from obsessing and ruminating even if it is just for a short time.”

“I learned to be non-judgmental and I learned I need a lot of mind training in the future to build compassion for myself and others. This is a breakthrough for myself. The brain can be changed through training!”


“I found I was less quick to judge. It has built my patience with myself and others”.

“It was interesting to learn the huge benefits from mind training. I was not aware there were so many proven scientific positives to mind training.” 

“I learned how to be aware of the importance of breathing and how to manage many thoughts and racing thoughts so that they do not control me. I learned how to manage my immediate reactive thoughts to situations.”

“Biggest thing mind training taught me was to try to be present. Not to look too far ahead. To remember where I am, and what I am doing.  It has helped me to concentrate on living one day at a time. Not to neglect the future but to not worry about it too much. Life is going to be what it is. Good or bad or neutral. Thank you Amy. This has been a big part of my recovery.”

I learned how to pay attention to things at the present moment and how to use
my breath to keep me focused.


“Its helpful to manage depression. I found more balance in my life with regards to relaxing and being in the present moment. I also found that worry about the future decreased.”

“Amy was absolutely amazing and without her I believe this practice would not have been possible.”

“Daily discipline has resulted in my sense of peace. Serenity has increased. I am able to look at my anxiety more objectively.” 

“I learned to use my breathing to come into the moment and focus my attention on the present nonjudgementally and with compassion.” 

“I learned that at anytime of the day I can become aware of my breath and body. That I essentially am in control of my mind and self.”